Founded by Tim Pabst in 2018, GRAYRECORDS follows its own individual concept between high-end studio, production, label and distributor. The Berlin boutique team focuses on quality rather than quantity - and the intensive support of outstanding artists.


CEO and founder


As a technical sound engineer and mastering engineer, founding GRAYRECORDS was Tim's long-cherished dream. Before he realized it, his path led him from the live stage to the studio, where he worked with German and international greats - including as a composer and ghostwriter.


Rea Garvey, Milow, Max Giesinger, Bosse, Clueso, Revolverheld,   Matt Nathanson, Alin Coen, Johannes Oerding, Silly, Glasperlenspiel, Ina Müller, Martin & James, Filatov & Karas, Chris de Burgh, Udo Jürgens, Roland Kaiser, Ben Zucker, Johannes Strate, Santiano, Namika, Andreas Bourani, Sportfreunde Stiller, Vincent Weiss, Pohlmann, Tiemo Hauer, Mighty Oaks, Xavier Naidoo, Marcel Brell, Annett Louisan, Matthias Reim, Karat, Amigos, Calimeros, Phantom der Oper, Best of Musicals, König der Löwen, BMW Company Munich, Porsche, Adidas, Fourplay, Mark Needham, Materia, Chris Rea, Voice of Germany, Tom Weir

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