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Tim Pabst 


Achillesstrasse 118

13125 Berlin

Phone: 0151 - 40123518

The following terms and conditions become the subject of the contract when the order is placed, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In the following called "GRAYRECORDS GbR" or "Landlord":

  1. The client (tenant) or his agent (producer / manager) is obliged to keep the dates for the start and end of the recordings. There is no entitlement to the use of the studio space if deadlines are missed. The consumption of food and drink is not permitted in the recording room or the control room. In the event of non-compliance, GRAYRECORDS GbR reserves the right to take further measures.
    In the event of non-compliance with firmly ordered dates, we reserve the right to calculate a downtime of 70% of our price list, provided that other orders could no longer be used.

  2. The service is calculated based on the admission report at the current prices. The tenant must inform the landlord in good time who is allowed to sign and check the recording report in a legally binding manner. The admission report is presented to the tenant or producer for countersigning after work has ended. With his signature he recognizes the correctness of the registered working hours and consumed materials, as well as the technically perfect quality of the recordings. Later complaints are excluded.

  3. Breaks of more than one hour per recording day will be charged in full. Commenced hours are rounded up to half or full hours. The prices can be found in the current list.

  4. Telephone calls are charged according to the price list. The producer is liable for all conversations that are carried out on apparatus in the rooms he has rented.

  5. The tenant will not be charged for downtimes caused by any malfunctions in the equipment during the rental period. However, GRAYRECORDS GbR is not liable for any other damage or costs resulting from this. GRAYRECORDS GbR is only liable for willful intent and gross negligence on the part of the staff it provides. They assume no liability for items of any kind that do not belong to them, and they do not provide the user or producer with any insurance cover for these items. This also applies expressly to sound carriers and data transfer devices of any kind that have been handed over to the landlord for safekeeping or storage in his tape archives.

  6. The tenant is liable for any damage to property or personal injury that occurs in connection with the people and guests involved in the production. The GRAYRECORDS GbR is released from the tenant for the liability of all damages, which visitors or persons involved in the production occur in the operating rooms of the entire company or on the premises. The tenant / customer must pay for the damage immediately.

  7. The landlord retains house rights in all rooms, even for the duration of the transfer to the producer.

  8. At the latest at the start of production, the tenant pays á conto, which should amount to approx. 50% of the expected studio costs. These can vary in individual cases after consultation and written confirmation by GRAYRECORDS GbR. The entire invoice amount is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice. The lessor is entitled to keep the tapes until the final payment.

  9. If, at the request of the producer, items are dispatched or brought to another location, this is always done at the expense and risk of the producer.

  10. The place of jurisdiction and performance is Berlin.

  11. In the case of production deferrals and postponements caused by Covid 19 pandemic / statutory regulations, GRAYRECORDS does not plan to reimburse the production costs already paid. Dates will be postponed as soon as possible. (As of April 14, 2020)

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